Last days in Berlin


Quick update with photos from last weekend. This blog is mostly about photos anyway.

On Saturday we visited East Side Gallery, an international memorial for freedom. We took the dogs with us of course. After that we were shortly at Alexanderplatz.

On Sunday we took the dogs for a walk to Tempelhof, like every morning and Nika met a white beautiful boy. It was love at first sight. In the afternoon we walked quite a bit to a shopping mall. It was a special shopping day because normally shops are not open on Sundays. We had to take the dog with us again, because Nika can‘t be left alone. She is afraid that we are going to leave her and she will scratch the door and whine. It was a long afternoon walk and quick visit to shopping mall. There were few other dogs as well doing some christmas shopping.

On Monday I made a small trip to Alexanderplatz by myself to see the christmas market. Lot of lovely treats and warm Glühwein were sold there as well as crafts.  I bought some Oblatenlebkuchen, german christmas cookies.



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