Avenue de Champagne

Yesterday we drove to Épernay. It is approximately 10 minutes drive from Saint-Imoges where we are currently staying. Épernay is best known as the principal trading port for champagne wines, which are bottled and kept in large cellars built into the chalk rock on which the town is built. The production of the equipment and raw materials used in the champagne industry is a major source of local employment.

We visited Avenue de Champagne. It is the most famous street in Épernay. It features the all the leading Champagne manufacturers. Residents say that avenue is the most expensive in the world, more so than the Champs-Élysées in Paris, because of the millions of bottles of champagne stored in the kilometres of chalk cellars beneath it.

After admiring the surroundings we went to some stores in Épernay. Now it is a good time to go shoppings because of the sales. We both made some great finds.

We are exploring my husband’s family roots here in Champagne-Ardenne. His ancestor was a french soldier who left Épernay 350 years ago and moved to Canada. The name Champagne was given to him probably because he came from this region.

We are staying one month in France and in Champagne-Ardenne still one more week.


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