Faux de Verzy

Today we went jogging to Faux de Verzy with the dogs. While jogging in the forest we enjoyed the funny looking dwarf trees that are found only in few places in the world. While running back a hale storm hit us and we were pretty wet as we arrived to our car.

A Fau de Verzy is either a dwarf beech, a dwarf oak tree or a dwarf chestnut tree. These grow in the forest of Verzy about 20 km from where we are staying. 

With more than 1,000 dwarf beeches, the National Forest of Verzy is the world’s main reserve of dwarf beeches. 

There are lot of speculation, from far-fetched to more credible, but often scientifically unfounded, that try to explain the origin of the Faux of Verzy. It is known that there were already some “Faux” in the forest of Verzy during the 6th century, because of the old books written in the abbey of St-Basle.

A genetic mutation is the most probable hypothesis to explain the dwarf aspect of these trees. Mutation may have occurred spontaneously or could have been introduced by a pathogenic agent centuries ago.


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