First Days in Lorraine

We left Champagne-Ardenne on Sunday and drove to a small village near Metz in Lorraine France. Sunday evening was sunny and nice, calm before storm. Yesterday and today have been stormy. Yesterday we had hales, thunder, rain and sun. Today occasional sun, heavy rain and very strong winds.

There are two donkeys and sheep living in the neighbouring yard. They have stayed inside their little house for these two days. On Sunday Nelly went to greet them but they got scared and ran away. Nelly has found some new friends, she loves chicken and ducks. When we walk past the chickens and the ducks they come and say hello to Nelly. So funny!

We hope tomorrow is going to be abit calmer day. We would like to visit Metz. We are staying here only one week and heading to Alsace on Sunday.


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