Novo Mesto

Our Slovenian adventure continues. Couple days ago we made a trip to Novo Mesto. It is a beautiful town by the Krka river. It was yet again a very hot day, although we were told it is supposed to be around +35 ° C at this time normally. Maybe we should not be complaining.

Novo Mesto was attested in historical sources in 1365 as Růdolfswerde. The Slovene name Novo mesto literally means ‘new town’; names like this are common in Europe and generally refer to settlements built at a site where an older one was burned or otherwise destroyed.

The town was founded by the Habsburg archduke Rudolf IV of Austria on 7 April 1365 as Rudolfswerth. During World War II the city passed back and forth between Nazi Germany and the Kingdom of Italy, finally settling in German hands.

There are about 23 000 people living in Novo Mesto today.


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