Lovely Ljubljana

We’ve been in Ljubljana nearly a week now and I’ve enjoyed the city a lot. Ljubljana is a beautiful, green and young. The city is best explored on foot or by bike. We’ve been doing lot of walking with the dogs in the city.

Ljubljana is full of lovely little shops, cafès and restaurants. It is interesting and vivid city. Definitely one of my favorite on our European journey. This is our first time here but we would love to be back!

Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, has a population of about 287.000 and ranks as one of the smaller European capitals.

Ljubljana lies halfway between Vienna and Venice, at the crossroads of different cultures, geographical regions, and historical developments. Its location within a convenient two-hour flight from almost all major European airports makes it an easily accessible destination.

Ljubljana is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, reminiscent both of the Mediterranean and Central Europe, and is well-known as an extremely picturesque and green city.

Ljubljana is the holder of the European Green Capital 2016 title. Environmental awareness among the residents is strong and the city has managed to preserve its green heritage.

The symbol of the city is the Ljubljana Dragon. It is depicted on the top of the tower of Ljubljana Castle in the Ljubljana coat of arms and on the Ljubljanica-crossing Dragon Bridge (Zmajski most). It symbolizes power, courage, and greatness.


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