Frauenkirche Dresden

I want to publish an individual post about Frauenkirche “Our Lady’s church”, in Dresden because of its unique story and because it is a symbol of peace and reconciliation.

The church was designed by George Bähr and first completed in 1743. It was completely destroyed in the bombing of Dresden during World War II.

Frauenkirche is now a symbol of reconciliation between former war enemies.

On the morning of February 15, 1945 – two days after the devastating bombing raid on Dresden – the burnt out Frauenkirche finally collapsed. The ruins were a reminder of Dresden’s destruction and the horrors of war for four decades. At beginning of the 1960’s, the idea caught on of preserving the ruin as a memorial against war and destruction. Since February 13, 1982, when young people first gathered in front of the ruins with candles, it has become a symbol for the peace movement in Eastern Germany and a place for non-violent protest. To this day, numerous people gather every February 13 at the Frauenkirche with candles to commemorate the dead and as a call for peace.

The conviction that the Frauenkirche that had been totally destroyed simply had to be rebuilt was shared by many people within Dresden and elsewhere too. But it took 45 years for the realisation of this dream to become a feasible possibility. And, in total, 60 years went by before the Frauenkirche in all its baroque beauty could reopen its doors to the world in 2005.

You can find more information about reconstruction work here and about the peace work here.

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