Trekking Tail-Waggers

We are traveling around Europe with two rescue dogs Nika and Nelly, because of them the blog is named Trekking Tail-Waggers.

Nika is seven years old. She came to us from St. Petersburg in 2009. She was obviously mistreated and was very scared at first. She has since gained a lot of confidence but is still traumatized of all she went through on her first year in Russia. She does not trust unfamiliar people and is very selective of her dog friends. She goes everywhere Chris goes.

Nelly is four years old. She came to us from Serbia in 2014 through a Finnish Rescue dog organisation Nobody’s Dog. She lived on the streets and in a shelter for two years. Nelly loves everyone, people and dogs. She is confident and independent and very happy to meet new people. She loves kissing.

Our dogs come with us pretty much everywhere we go. It is sometimes challenging but we knew it when we left to this journey.

Sometimes it means that we have to take turns to see the sights because Nika has separation anxiety and our stays have been quite short, so she doesn’t have time to get use to the place. It also means not eating out too often. So our journey has been done on our dogs’ terms.

It is not always easy to find place to stay when you have dogs. For us Airbnb be has been priceless. I don’t think we could have done our trip without it.

From the countries we’ve been Germany is definitely the most dog friendly. Dogs are allowed to restaurants, shops (not to food stores) and people are very friendly with dogs (of course there are always exceptions).

The unfriendliest country for dogs was Italy. This was not a surprise to us and that’s why we stayed there only two weeks. Although I have to say the owners of the places we stayed had no problems with dogs and we liked both Reggio Emilia and South Tyrol very much.

Being a dog owner makes it easy to meet new people. This is true I think almost everywhere. You just take your dog to a walk and soon you are talking with local dog owners.

If you would like to know more about traveling with dogs read this: PETA’S Top Tips for Traveling with Dogs .



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